Current development dynamics and new customer requirements call for complex services that go far beyond traditional sales and service offerings. Digitization is progressing and thus the transformation of ICT markets. Value adding business models are becoming as indispensable as flexible digital services. Building and expanding the competences and skills for digital change are of utmost importance- for the effective support of commercial customers and one’s own business.

We are committed to stand at your side in this challenge

“Our purchasing department had to learn that we can simply unlock new servers in the cloud instead of issuing a call for bids”

Kai-Gerhard Bosch

Cloud/Emerging, Technology Architect, Merck KGaA

Ingram Micro has been driving the digital transformation of its partners since 2015. Before that, we had systematically built up know-how, strategic cooperation and competence platforms — all of which serve as a stepping stone into the digital future of our partners.

Partners have been using our multilevel workshops, training programs and seminars to develop sustainable strategies, to identify additional opportunities and to properly prepare their employees for the range of tasks and responsibilities in which customers depend on external support.

You too can benefit from this pilotage: Work with our experts to develop the tools for new, resilient revenue models and services that will help you position yourself as a knowledgeable partner for your customers’ digital future! Train your sales staff to become knowledgeable consultants, broaden the horizons of your technicians and invest in the training of business architects and data scientists!

Customer Concerns become Business Opportunities

Which digitization topics are especially important to customers and Why? Where does sales potentials arise and How? Which service portfolios are necessary to serve the customer needs? Here you find compact answers and an overview of Ingram Micro’s current support offerings:


The security and protection of data connections, information and related infrastructures are the most important prerequisite for digital processes and applications. No matter if companies want to use their own in-house servers or cloud services, they are often unaware of the real risks associated with their automation efforts.
Your business opportunity: Raise the awareness of existing and potential customers, nurture their willingness to act, develop and implement integrated security and protection concepts, and provide continuous support with (managed) security services.

Our offer:
  • Informing and sensitizing your customers about security * in the context of IoT and smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0. Our experts and you jointly work with practical examples while taking the individual company and its market environment into account.
  • Joint inventory, customer analyses and development of new/additional business fields
  • Training courses and seminars that provide your staff with the requisite know-how (sales and technical) and skills

Ingram Micro is a member of the BSI Alliance for Cyber Security and can put extensive resources and experts at your disposal, upon request.

Bi-modale IT

With the aim to increase their agility and innovation, companies are building small, powerful teams in addition to the classic IT department. These teams are supposed to react as fast and flexibly as a start-up to changes in customer requirements, market and competitive conditions, and are expected to drive new digital business models. Up to now, the bimodal approach often leads to several IT-related units that do not interact.
Your challenge and business opportunity: Turning the innovation teams into customers.

Our offer:
  • Comprehensive information about the concerns, sensitivities and tasks of start-up/innovation units in the companies
  • Joint analysis and determination of additional sales potential for existing and new customers
  • Trainings for making contact, how to address and to deal with the new counterparts
Cloud und Mobile

More and more companies want to source most of their IT from the data centers of cloud providers. To do so, however, many customers lack the necessary understanding, a sustainable strategy and implementation know-how.
Your business opportunity: Develop individualized solutions and services that provide the scalability, efficiency and cost effects your customers can truly benefit from when using private, public or hybrid/multiple clouds.

Our offer:
  • Detailed analysis of your portfolio and your customers’ current needs
  • Detailed analysis of your portfolio and your customers’ current needs
  • Build up know-how and consulting competence through tutorials, seminars and training courses
Big Data

Unstructured data can contribute to more predictability, reliable forecasts and new service offerings (e.g. predictive maintenance) — provided that specially trained employees can mine, analyze and interpret the information and come to useful conclusions.
Commercial and corporate customers need Data Scientists who understand the business and its processes as well as the underlying IT. Well trained experts who develop meaningful questions and use mathematical methods to extract useful information from data streams, who link the “big data” with master data, historical (key) figures and real-time information to create a sound base for decisions and actions.
Your business opportunity: Develop employees into data experts who can effectively support your customers. Data Scientists are among the most sought-after specialists in the market. If you can provide such experts, you have a powerful lever for customer retention and acquisition.

Our offer:
  • Training, education and Data-Scientist-certification for your employees
  • • Joint information and sensitization of your customers

Companies are striving for direct data exchange between devices, chips, sensors and processes: What they expect is a high degree of automation, the elimination of human error and cost savings, and above all gains in knowledge and insight to expand their core business with new revenue models and services.
To ensure that everything can communicate with everything and interact securely without (media) interruptions, most companies need massive retrofitting and integration. In addition, they need business architects who focus on the overall picture and can extract useful knowledge and added value from the rising floods of data.
Your business opportunity: Develop employees into Business Architects who can effectively support your customers. As capable business architects are quite rare and the “war for talent” is on, your investment in the education of co-workers will.

Our offer:
  • Workshops and training programs on business architecture and technical requirements
  • The Ingram Micro partner network, from which we can jointly identify suitable specialists for your targeted projects and facilitate partnerships.

Central administration can hardly handle the amount of data-based transactions on the Internet of Things (IoT). This one of the main reasons why companies and the public-sector regard distributed ledger technologies (DLT) as a beacon of hope. DLTs chronological mapping, the cryptographic concatenation of each individual transaction and its unchangeable documentation makes manipulations difficult. It increases network security, enables completely transparent tracking, and, by eliminating intermediaries, it simplifies the automation of processes and supply/value chains.
Companies in almost all industries from automotive to waste management (e.g. energy, financial services, insurance, logistics, medicine, telco…) are currently considering the use of DLT or are testing blockchains already.
Your twofold business opportunity: a) Build up competence and support customers in the design, establishment and operation of non-public blockchains. b) DLT operations require large computing and storage capacities, which need to be run, administrated and maintained.

Our offer:
  • Education and sensitization of your customers
  • Seminars on technical requirements
  • Trainings for your employees
  • Ingram Micro’s ecosystem, which already contains blockchain solutions you could apply
Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

The integration of cyber-physical networks and value chains in industrial production and logistics is progressing. However, most companies are still a long way from the ideal situation in which machines, sensors, data and processes automatically and interact seamlessly. One of the biggest obstacles in digitizing production plants and supply infrastructures are legacy systems, as their retrofitting and conversion depends on more than just IT resources.
Your business opportunity: Cooperate with automation and retrofitting specialist who are experienced in your customer’s industry and business.

Our offer:
  • Arranging partnerships for your customer’s planned digitization measures. Together with you, we look at Ingram Micro’s partner network and identify the specialists most suitable for your project.
Cognitive Intelligence / Artifical Intelligence

Machine learning, cognitive networks, interactive robotics and autonomous systems still feel quite alien to many companies. Nevertheless, the interest in AI is growing rapidly, especially where platforms equipped with defined expertise are concerned. For their owners it is vital to continuously expand and refine the platform with the help of Big Data and language-based interaction.
AI enables “smart” processes and products (from voice assistants to autonomous vehicles) and will be basis of data-driven services of all kinds in the near future – be it in the procurement production and logistics and customer service or in knowledge work, where AI is already taking over more and more standard tasks.

The best way to tap into this dynamically growing business: Join forces with experienced specialists and build on their solutions.

Our offer:
  • • The Ingram Micro partner network and ecosystem
  • We identify suitable specialists for the projects you target and arrange partnerships for you
3D Technology

The growing possibilities of three-dimensional data acquisition and visualization and the “printing” of physical objects have a substantial impact on the strategies, processes and supply chains of various industries. 3D technology enables the timely, precise and cost-effective production of well-known products and components, small series, customization and completely new objects from batch size one. With rapidly increasing demand, it is safe to predict that 3D technologies will soon play a key role in the development and production of everything between aircraft-parts and yachts.
Your business opportunity: Build up know-how and position your company as a 3D.

Our offer:
  • Identification of the most promising industries and vertical markets
  • Consulting, training and know-how transfer
  • Determination of best of breed-products and solutions
  • Joint customer visits
New Work

Increasing collaboration, mobility, and the digitization of processes keep changing the organizational structures and working methods we’re used to. The need for a fixed workplace is decreasing –and with it the need for traditional office IT. Collaborative development in ever changing teams (depending on the project and customer needs) but also basic knowledge work is increasingly taking place on cloud-based platforms which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Also, algorithms and intelligent systems will replace many classic office jobs in medium-term.
Your business opportunity: Advise customers, equip them with suitable solutions and platforms and manage the services. Get involved in cooperation and join forces with new partners whose know-how and skills can complement your portfolio.

Our offer:
  • Workshops on new workplace requirements
  • Insights into future forms of work and organization
  • In-depth consulting on available solutions and platforms
  • Ingram-Micro’s partner network, from which we jointly identify suitable specialists for your targeted projects and arrange partnerships
Social Business

The new world of work requires platforms and tools modelled on social networks. But the implementation of software just isn’t sufficient to foster the employees’ collaboration, close relationships and the exchange of knowledge with partners and customers.
The road to a truly agile company based on the cooperative “New Work” is long and winded – and it demands maximum readiness for change from both, managers and employees. The change ranges from organizational restructuring, new frameworks and governance to responsibilities and employment as such.

Your business opportunity: Advise companies on their change management and provide them with custom tailored solutions.

Our offer:
  • Joint seminars and workshops to educate and sensitize your customers
  • Ingram-Micro’s partner network, from which we jointly identify suitable specialists for your targeted projects and arrange partnerships

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Workshops, Training & Certifications

Transformation is much more than just a question of technical equipment: the digitization of business processes and models is changing the focus, requirements and responsibilities in companies. That’s why your customers need far more support than before.
The workshops, trainings and courses of our Enablement Program are designed to assist you and to provide you and your customers with a solid foundation for future business.

We clarify, convey practical knowledge and –together with you — develop sustainable digital business models for your company. And we train your staff for the fields of support your customers will desperately looking for in the coming years.
The workshops and training courses currently most in demand can be found here

Our common task:

Projects and cooperation partners

System houses benefit from our workshops and consulting services for digital transformation and cooperation with specialists outside the IT, that we impart.


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ACP und Ingram Micro befläügeln die Kässbohrer AG

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Wissen, wie’s geht

Unser Kooperationspartner für IoT, Industrie 4.0 und die Digitalisierung in Produktionsbetrieben

Aufrüstung für Industrie 4.0

HARTING Produkte verbinden Maschinen und Anlagen mit Daten, Signal und Power.

Intranet war gestern. Digital Workplace ist heute.

Wie GIS GRAVITY den Weg zu einem neuen, produktiven Arbeiten fördert

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